Logistic to Russia

In Russia the car it is most advantageous to send via the port of Vladivostok. Cars are shipped on the ferry of the class ro-Ro. In the port of Vladivostok car goes through customs clearance. For this our company can offer you the services of our partners: the Company «Glavnaya Doroga», GC «Baikal», Company «Alterna» and others. Each of these companies can clear the car for you and arrange to send to your city. Delivery to destination cities passes railway transport. Prices for delivery can be discussed with our managers or ask at partner companies.

Now about the quality. You can be assured that you will get a car in that quality in which it is purchased. At each stage of logistics is made a photo inventory auto: during loading, unloading, storage, brand at all stages. If car have any damage (scratch for example) to easily determine at what point this was done. The company which was engaged in the carriage at this stage to compensate for the losses.

Time. The ferry from Korea to Vladivostok go weekly. Usually on Friday/Saturday the ship's departure. After 1-2 days the ship is already in Vladivostok. Customs clearance takes 3-5 business days. Then send in your city. For example: W/d structure from Vladivostok to Moscow in just 14 days! To control the process very simple! You can do it yourself (there are services on monitoring railway cars and ships), or our staff will inform you about all stages of delivery!

Delivery of the car in Russia