Logistic to Azerbaijan

Dear customer!

We are glad to inform you that our company can not only buy a car for you in different countries, but also we can deliver it almost anywhere in the world.


The car is delivered to Azerbaijan in the beginning of the container by sea from the port of Busan, Korea (Busan) to the port of Poti, Georgia (Poti). Next cars unloaded from the ferry and transit goes to Azerbaijan. The ship from Korea to the Georgian weekly runs and time of the road about 40 days.

  • The 20-foot container can accommodate one or two types of sedan cars and the cost of $ 1800
  • The 40-foot container can accommodate from three to four types of sedan cars and the cost of $ 3235
  • The 40-foot HQ container can hold up to four types of sedan cars and the cost of $ 3335
  • Shipping cost from Georgia to Azerbaijan check with us apart!

Note: the exact number of cars that can be loaded into a particular container, and the exact cost of transportation, you can check with our manager. And in conclusion about the quality. You can be sure that you will get in the car as where you bought it. At each stage of the logistics drawn fotoopis cars: during loading, unloading, warehousing, absolutely at all stages. In case of force mazhernyh circumstances (eg scratch) is easy to determine at what point it was done. The company, which is engaged in transportation, at this stage, cover losses in full.

Delivery of the car in Azerbaijan