Cars from Russia

Dear friends! Today we’ll have a unique situation in the automobile market in the world. Due to the sharp fall in oil prices, the dollar in Russia has grown more than 110%. At the same time prices in Russia slightly increased! And as the price of cars mounted in rubles, the price in dollars will receive the lowest in the world.

Below, we present the information analytical agency AUTOSTAT.
Expert conclusion is: Russia is now the lowest prices for new cars, since the great ruble depreciated against the major world currencies, but automakers are fighting for a share of the Russian market, while continuing to subsidize their supplies.

Statistics the cost of cars in Russia

As an example, experts have a base price of sedan Toyota Corolla, which is sold in almost every country of the world. In Russia, the price of the basic «Corolla» begins from 760 thousand rubles (about $ 11,000), and in Israel a «Toyota» does not buy for less than 124 thousand shekels that is $ 32,000.
In their homeland, Japan, the value of Toyota Corolla 1.8 million yen, or a little less than $ 15 000, and the sedan in Canada willing to pay for 13.5 thousand dollars. The average price of Toyota Corolla around the world — about $ 20,000.

As you can see by the example of the Toyota Corolla — in Russia today the cheapest prices for most cars! Our company has provided, both in Korea and in Russia. Our brand «Main Road» is registered in both countries. This allows us to organize cheap and safe logistics anywhere in the world.